Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Couponing in Real Life: My Experiences with the Wal Mart Ad Match Guarantee

With a busy week scheduled, I didn't have a lot of time to go shopping so I decided to test out Wal Mart's Ad Match Guarantee Policy last week and do all of my shopping at one store instead of following the sales.

I scouted the weekly circulars from other stores and found great prices on a few of the things I needed and circled them with a red marker.

Even though Walmart's official Ad Match Guarantee policy says I don't need to have the competitor's ad with me for them to honor the price. I brought them with me anyway to avoid any hassle at the checkout (the peanut butter deal in particular was smokin' hot and I didn't want to miss out). I also had a copy of the Ad Match Guarantee printed up and ready to reference. (Scroll down to print your own copy)
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In the store, I made sure the items I had matched the items in the ad in size and that I abided by the purchase limits in the ad, too.

At the register, I placed a copy of the ad (folded neatly into quarters with the items being purchased circled in red so the prices and items be easy to find), with item being purchased circled directly in front of the item on the conveyer belt, so the peanut butter ad was directly in front of the four peanut butters I purchased. In the past, checkers at Walmart had told me they prefer to have competitor's coupons when they scan the item since they have to manually enter the price and this saves them time in the end. I figured the Ad Match would require the same manual price input.

When my cashier reached my first Ad Match purchase (the peanut butter, of course), she picked up the ad looked at the circled product, entered the price, scanned the item, and just like that, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, I had one of the best prices in town on peanut butter in my cart without having to go to another store.

I also had a couple of boxes of cereal that I Ad Matched and stacked a coupon on top of. No problem there eaither.

Walmart's Ad Match Guarantee
Printable Ad Match Guarantee

Walmart's Coupon Policy
Printable Coupon Policy

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