Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coupon of the Day: $.75 off Breyers Blast Ice Cream

Oh, I am definitely using this coupon on the Reeses PB Cup Breyers Blast! In addition to Oreo and Reeses, Breyers Blast comes in tons of tempting flavors: Mint Chip Oreo, Snickers, Chips Ahoy!, Heath, Whoppers, Mrs, Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mrs. Fields Mint Fudge Brownie, Waffle Cone and Hershey's Chocolate Chips...and the list goes on.

I'd print two of these $.75 off Breyer's Blast Ice Cream coupons because:
1. Who can choose one flavor?
2. There are a lot of buy 2 for $__ promos going on for Breyer's, so you can maximize your savings with this coupon.
3. Two tubs of ice cream are better than one!

Get the coupon here:

$.75/1 Breyers Blast, any flavor (

If the coupon doesn’t show try a different area code. I find that area code 90210 has more grocery, personal care, and health care coupons than my own area code.

**Remember that most coupons on can be printed twice—which is perfect for when you  come across a “2 for $__” deal!**

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