Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Read Coupon Lingo!

Here's a quick and easy guide to reading the coupon lingo you see on this site and other deal hunting sites!

What do RP, SS, and P&G Mean? 

There are three major coupon insert publishers that regularly provide inserts to Sunday papers. When I reference them in my blog, I use the following abbreviations:

RP=Red Plum
SS=Smart Source
P&G or PG=Proctor and Gamble

The date following the abbreviation is the date the insert was included in the paper. For example: PG 5/11 means the Proctor and Gamble insert was in the May 11th issue of the Sunday Paper.

What are Peelies, Tearpads, Blinkies, and Mailers

Peelies are the little coupons attached to the front of an item in the store. You can peel them off and use them on the purchase of that same item.

Tearpads are tablets of coupons placed on display near the item they can be redeemed for.

Blinkies are those red coupon dispensers with the red blinking light on them.

Mailers are coupons that are mailed to your home. They are available to anyone but you may have to sign up to receive them.

What does 2/$3 mean? and $3/2? and how about "$3 ea wyb 2"?

2/$3 means: two items for three dollars (each item is $1.50)

$3/2 means: three dollars off of two items ($1.50 savings per item)

$3 ea wyb 2 means: the items are three dollars each when you buy two of the item listed.

Why are so many coupons listed for a product? Can I use them all?

Different regions have access to different coupons, so many times a blogger will list all of the coupons available at the time. No you can't use more than one manufacturers coupon per item. Many stores will allow you to use one manufacturers coupon and one store coupon (if available) per item.

I still have questions about Coupon Lingo

There's a pretty extensive list of coupon lingo here that will help you read the great deals in the couponing forums.

Kelloggs Coupons

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